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Advance Pump Technology for 100% Leak Proof Service


SS Magnetic Pump (Stainless Steel)
Today, many industries demand mag drive pumps, which may easily adapt to the harsh environment. For this, you should refer to the advanced Stainless-Steel Magnetic Pump. Other than its ability to withstand fluctuating weather conditions pump consists of stainless steel and possesses reliable and durable construction material to use for designing mag drive pumps.

The prime feature of an SS magnetic pump is that it may handle liquid temperatures to a maximum of 100 degrees Celsius. The feature makes the pump perfect for hot wort transferring tasks. Besides, the pump has a permanent magnetic drive to provide smooth operation and does not contain any dynamic seal to allow easy maintenance. As the name itself, a Stainless-Steel Magnetic Pump has a stainless head coupled with a magnet to work well in a wet environment. Moreover, users do not expose to any corrosive, hazardous, explosive, or flammable fluids while working across stainless steel designed pumps, unlike conventional pumps.

Other features of a mag drive pump made of stainless steel are steel mounted plate, continuous duty, silent operation, and thermal protection. Depending on the manufacturing company, you may even expect to get a compact structure design, excellent appearance, low noise, small size, and reliable and safe operation with convenient maintenance from an SS magnetic pump or mag drive pump. If this is not enough, SS mag drive pumps have a relatively low life cycle cost due to their simple and easy maintenance.

Stainless steel-designed magnetic drive pumps are useful in chemical production, chemical processing, mining, food production, pharmaceutical development, and many other similar types of industries. In particular, industrial owners should refer to SS mag drive pimps to pump acidic fluids, oils, precious or rare fluids, volatile organic fluids, and venoms. In other cases, industries go with SS-designed pumps to circulate water and give support to facilities, filters, and similar industrial equipment.

Precision Engineering Co has launched SS magnetic pump that have been developed with the most advanced technologies of our times. Alongside simple usage, we have even ensured the safety of our customers. Compared to other machines, our SS magnetic pump techniques are efficient in managing work-hour capacity and enhancing productivity. Alongside high production value, our pump go low on maintenance.

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