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Does your industry application require leakage-free handling of fluids? You should look for a Sealless Pump or a sealless mag drive pump. It is a conventional centrifugal pump that does not possess a dynamic seal that normally seals the attached pump shaft. Instead, these pumps come equipped with a static containment shell to create a complete pressure boundary or sealed liquid end.
A Sealless Pump provides a completely enclosed pump wet-end by eliminating the requirement of any seal and any possibility related to material leakage. Here, the shaft has two different pieces, where a powerful motor drives one piece on the pump’s dry end and the other piece drives the impeller within a completely enclosed wet end. Moreover, pumps without a dynamic seal use magnets to let their impeller shaft rotates even when it does not remain attached to the pump’s motor.
A primary benefit of a Sealless Pump is that it eliminates leakage from its primary containment to the external environment during its regular operation. It also has an optional backup for secondary containment and low noise levels. Based on the structure and mechanism of the pump, it eliminates any loss of costly or rarely found liquids and improves safety while handling hazardous fluids. Furthermore, the suction pressure of the pump creates the axial thrust of the pumping device unaffected. If this is not enough, the installation of pumps without dynamic seals may eliminate or reduce the cost related to shaft seal replacement.
A Sealless pump is ideal for industrial applications, which have to transfer liquids/fluids without any leakage. Accordingly, one can use such pumps in every application that involves dealing with acids, glycols, alcohol, alkalis, hazardous substances, heat transfer fluids, halogenides, nitrogen and sulfur compounds, hydrocarbons, valuable fluids, and other fluids/chemicals. Besides, pumps without seals or seal-less products may perform various industrial applications based on the latest noise, space, safety, and environmental regulations.
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