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Today, almost every type of construction and/or manufacturing industry uses pumps to transfer water and chemical-filled fluids from one place to another. In most cases, people choose between magnetic pumps and centrifugal pumps designed by a pump manufacturer. Each of the pumps possesses unique features and functions while their applications depend on the type of a particular industrial project.

A centrifugal pump by a pump manufacturer raises the inner fluid or induces its flow from a low to a high level. These pumps have a simple mechanism that is to convert the incoming rotational energy into a movable fluid usually with the help of a motor. The casing and the impeller are the two prime components of a centrifugal pump. Here, the casing part is an airtight passage that surrounds the rotating part of the pump referred to as an impeller.

On the other hand, magnetic drive or mag drive pumps by a pump manufacturer are sealless pumps. These pumping devices use the technology of an inner magnet and a drive magnet connected to the pump’s impeller to transfer fluid within it. A housing or rear casing separates the inner magnet and drive magnet to create a seal-less type of containment. Mag drive pumps are useful in every industrial application, which demands the prevention of fluid leakage. They mainly save users from the loss of costly and potentially dangerous fluids. Moreover, stringent EPA requirements and environmental concerns mandate the use of seal- less mag-driven pumps to achieve zero fugitive emissions forever.

Centrifugal pumps by a good pump manufacturer have many applications in agriculture, food processing, chemical, mining, and power generation plants. Magnetic industrial pumps are also useful in the same industries. However, users often demand mag drive pumps for running dry, handling solids, and self-priming applications. These include the pumping of tough or valuable liquids, abrasive liquids, flammables, corrosives, alkaline and acidic fluids, inorganic fluids, toxic and volatile liquids, and many more.

PP (Polypropylene) FILTER : Whether you own a chemical manufacturing unit, dyes and pigments industry, sugar processing, and wastewater treatment, you cannot overlook the significance of a PP filter housing. These filter housings have thick structures to satisfy the required operating pressure of a product. Simultaneously, the filters provide reliability and security to the firm. Read more

Magnetic Pump : Many pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries today use magnetic drive pumps. A magnetic pump also refers to a centrifugal pump. It contains impellers and pumped fluids within a hermetically sealed housing system.A magnetic pump comes equipped with a drive shaft from the motor to rotate an assembly of various magnets on the outer part of the housing. In contrast, the inside of the housing contains a matching ring consisting of magnets over a shaft attached to impellers. The combination transfers the torque from the housing due to coupled magnets.  Read more

Centrifugal Pump : Does your industry require an advanced pumping system to handle fluids in bulk amounts? You must choose a fully functional centrifugal pump. The pump handles fluids in large amounts but also gives a high liquid flow rate. Besides, these pumps may regulate the rates of liquid flow over many ranges.  Read more

AODD Pumps (Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps) :If your industry needs transfer applications frequently and handles different types of feeds, like slurries, sludges, shear, abrasive, and sensitive fluids, you should install a type of positive displacement pump. Here comes the role of AODD Pumps, which are robust and reliable. These pumps consist of two different pumping chambers, which fill alternatively and discharge via flexible diaphragm movement. Read more

Vertical Pump : Many industries have to perform applications, which need to draw liquid from a deep well or tank. In this situation, such industries should look for a vertical pump. Many experts also refer to them as deep well turbine pimps. They are available in diverse shapes and sizes and can perform different functions. However, each pump possesses a distinctive vertical configuration to move liquids vertically upward from a pipe.  Read more

SS Magnetic Pump (Stainless Steel) :Today, many industries demand mag drive pumps, which may easily adapt to the harsh environment. For this, you should refer to the advanced Stainless-Steel Magnetic Pump. Other than its ability to withstand fluctuating weather conditions pump consists of stainless steel and possesses reliable and durable construction material to use for designing mag drive pumps. Read more

Sealless Pump : Does your industry application require leakage-free handling of fluids? You should look for a Sealless Pump or a sealless mag drive pump. It is a conventional centrifugal pump that does not possess a dynamic seal that normally seals the attached pump shaft. Instead, these pumps come equipped with a static containment shell to create a complete pressure boundary or sealed liquid end. Read more