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Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal Pump

TP 1/2-2HP

Screw Pump


Single/Three-phase motor, 0.37KW to 1.5KW


Suction basket PP or PVC outlet connection


Screw Pump

Vertical Pump
Many industries have to perform applications, which need to draw liquid from a deep well or tank. In this situation, such industries should look for a vertical pump. Many experts also refer to them as deep well turbine pimps. They are available in diverse shapes and sizes and can perform different functions. However, each pump possesses a distinctive vertical configuration to move liquids vertically upward from a pipe.

vertical pump works with an AC electric motor or a diesel engine throughout an appropriate angle drive. The last part of the pump consists of a single spinning impeller that stays connected to a shaft from the well water into a diffuser case or a bowl. Such pumps perform their functions whenever water flows from the pump base from a suction bell and its shape is similar to a bell. Later, the water flows into the impeller of the primary stage to boost the water velocity. The water then enters the diffuser bowl on the impeller in no time. Accordingly, a vertical pump changes its high-velocity energy to high-pressure.

The fluid from the pump's bowl enters the secondary impeller to situate instantly on its bowl's top. The method continues during the complete phase of the pump. Once the pump supplies away from the last diffuser bowl, it flows in a lengthy vertical pipe whenever it flows upward from the well-bore in the outer direction.

Industries primarily use a vertical pump when they cannot use a submersible pump because of the water flow exceeding the pump range. Moreover, one can use such pumps to supply fire water to diverse industrial plants. If this is not enough, you may use vertically upward pumps in several applications, where the temperature ranges from extremely low to extremely high with diverse operating pressure. Moreover, the pumps are useful to handle flammable, viscous, corrosive, and hard-to-process chemicals and liquids.

Precision Engineering Co are the one of the best Vertical Pump manufacturer, Vertical Pump exporter and Vertical Pump supplier in Mumbai, India. We are the cover the pan india to best deilver our Vertical Pump product. If you have this product please wuote here!

Precision Engineering Co has launched Vertical Pump that have been developed with the most advanced technologies of our times. Alongside simple usage, we have even ensured the safety of our customers. Compared to other machines, our Vertical Pump techniques are efficient in managing work-hour capacity and enhancing productivity. Alongside high production value, our pump go low on maintenance.

Vertical Pump has better efficiency than horizontal pump and available in different standards and customizations to cater to diverse demands of customers. Precision Engineering Company is one of the noted Vertical Pump Manufacturers in India. It offer industry norms and will be delivered to you after we get satisfied with their overall working. Vertical High Pressure Pump is compact design and quick to install.

  • Sturdy design and superior performance.
  • Vertical Sump Pump can work continuously for hours.
  • Robust construction and reliable efficiency.
  • Bearing free design and easily handle abrasive solutions.
  • Vertical Multistage Pump Design and specifications can be tailored.


Dry-running without damage.

Molded parts are out of FRPP, CFRPP, and PVDF applicable for various chemicals.

The light form and mounting plate structure is suitable for in tank applications. Easy to mount & maintain.

Vapor seal stops corrosive vapor to reach the motor bearing perfectly.

Closed Impeller, fastened independent of rotational direction.

Shaft separated from the fluid by a thick - walled thermoplastic protection tube.

Radial and axial forces are absorbed by reinforce motor bearings.

Corrosion protection bay a 2C protection paint coat.


Type Graivty In-Outlet
Power 50Hz 60Hz Weight(kg)
Phase HP Pole Curve Max Head Max Flow Curve Max Head Max-flow
PVP 10 1.1 20x20 1 ∅ / 3 ∅ 1/4 2 a 5 90 A 6 110 8
PVP 20 1.1 40x25 1 ∅ / 3 ∅ 1/2 2 e 13 160 E 13 165 18
PVP 30 1.1 50x40 1 ∅ / 3 ∅ 1 2 f 12 280 F 15 350 19
PVP 40 1.1 50x40 3 ∅ 2 2 g 14 320 G 19 400 24
PVP 50 1.1 20x20 1 ∅ / 3 ∅ 1/3 2 b 6 105 B 7 130 8.5
PVP 60 1.1 25x25 1 ∅ / 3 ∅ 1/2 2 c 7 135 C 8 150 9.5

CS 1/4-1/2HP

Screw Pump


Single/Three-phase motor,O.18KW to 0.37KW


Suction basket
PP or PVC outlet connection
Metal or plastic motor casing


Screw Pump

HT 1-15HP

Vertical Pump


Three-phase motor,0.75KW to 11KW


PVC flange
2 grade energy efficiency motor.


vertical Pump

Vertical pump

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